Saturday, December 14, 2013

My NYC trip in STYLE! (Makeup,clothes, and life!)

As you can see in my title, I took my trip in STYLE! I was wearing warm, yet stylish and cute clothes! Skinny jeans, animal sweaters, fuzzy boots, and cute sweater dresses, and-to top it all.. Animal hats!!! With ears and fuzz, these hats were so REALISTIC! In a cartoonish way ;)

When I went to NY, I saw people mostly wearing black trench-coats and expensive loafers and heels. But don't let that stop you from dressing in STYLE! Wear your most OUT STANDISH clothing items and show people whose BOSS! 

When I was in NY, I saw stores with dresses to DIE 4! I also saw shoe stores, M.A.C stores, And RALPH LAUREN! *Not THE Ralph Lauren, just his store!* *Who,my friend Sue, happens to work for!*

I also met a fashion designer named Kristen, and she was AWESOME! She once ran into LINDSAY LOHAN! LITERALLY! She also once met Beyonce and ate chinese food out of Missy Eliot's FRIDGE! OMG! Awesome,RIGHT?! 

The house I stayed at was a MANSION! And the room I slept in was huge with secret rooms inside and the bathroom was covered in the most AMAZING wallpaper! I had a Vanity, attic, bathroom, closet, and BIG bed! It was what I call a "Princess bedroom"!
House: Wallpaper





Makeup: Easter look

Fall look

Clothes: Sorry guys, Didn't take any pics of the clothes.... Sorryy. I'll make-up for it.....

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Okay you guys! It's the moment you've been waiting for!!!! I am going to NYC!!! TOMORROW!!!! I will take pics of clothes and shoes there and show you guys what NYC is ALL ABOUT!! For now.. Lets talk about NYC fashion. I know about it. It can either be CRAZY, or SOPHISTICATED. Or RETRO.  Okay.. time to talk the talk ;) If you go to NYC for the very first time, wear either a crazy outfit like sky high spiked wedges, ripped up TIGHT jeans, and baggy slitted black sweaters with a neon colored tee underneath. Or you can wear the sophisticated outfit of a baggy sweater dress in a neutral color with beige or brown leggings underneath with high heeled boots or little black pumps. Or you can go for retro, with your little animal sweaters and neon or floral skinny jeans with what beat up high top sneakers. 





Saturday, November 16, 2013

FRIENDS!!! (the joy of having FRIENDS!)

FRIENDS,FRIENDS,FRIENDS!!! Friends ROCK! They are the apple of the eye, the coolest people in the world, Friends are a rainbow between two hearts sharing seven colors.. "Secrets, truth, sadness, faith, happiness, respect, &LOVE ".  friends are someone to talk to, they are there when you need a shoulder to cry on, they are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! My bff's are the COOLEST people in the world! They are kind, funny, helpful, thoughtful, smart, witty, and they stand up to people and, best yet, THEY ARE TRUE BFFS!!!! 

Thanks to all those bffs out there who are helping the gurls and guys that need someone!!  THANK YOU!!!!  

These are some pics of bffs and captions <3 :)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Makeup!!! (kinds of makeup,makeup style, ECT.)

MAKEUP!!! Makeup is AWESOME! It can do ALL sorts of things, like cover up zits, flaws, and make you seem like you just came out of a magazine photo-shoot! If you mess up on makeup, it can make you look like a drag queen.. BUT if you DON'T mess up, you can look like a MOVIE STAR!!!!!

Makeup comes in all different colors like blue,black,purple,green, ECT.  and also comes in different shapes, sizes, and kinds. Makeup kinds are Mascara, eyeshadow, concealer, blush, lipstick, ECT. and brands are M.A.C, Donna Michelle, L.A colors,ECT.

Here is some makeup pics. (Makeup products and girls wearing makeup) <3 ;)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life (The joy and sadness of life)

The joy about life is that you get to LIVE, be happy, have friends, and every 8 SECONDS someone is born! People have food, nice clothes, and children are very lucky. They get to play and have barely any worries,and they get to go to school. Adults do too, and people may not like school while they are in it, but when you are older, you will appreciate it. 

   But there is also sadness in life. Like parents fighting, bullying, child abuse, rape and molesting, and death. People in Africa are starving and every 12 seconds someone dies. There is child labor, and  children and adults are uneducated. In some places, women are still treated as second class citizens! There is WAYYY more sadness in the world that I cannot name. 

My life is pretty good, I go to a good educational school, I have a loving mother who provides me good clothes and yummy food and I have a few of nice & cool friends. But life isn't always happy.. my mom and her Bf fight in front of me and that is pretty sad. I also don't have my father anymore because he is a drug addict and my mom had to leave him. :'( But i am a mostly happy person. 

Life is amazing. CHERISH IT

If you are abused or sad, remember.. You are LOVED! <3

This is child abuse and sadness

This is depression and anger

This is love and happiness                                                                                                                            

This is Happiness and smiles

<3 Oceana<3

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fashion! (The difference between Style and fashion)

Okay..So fashion is STYLE, right? Well.... Not ALL the time.Like high fashion, hardy anyone wears that, unless they are famous, wealthy, or rich enough to buy that kind of clothes. And Lady Gaga once wore a meat outfit to one of her concerts, and that is NOT FASHION, that is style, her OWN style, not anyone else's. Style and Fashion are 2 completely different things. FASHION is something that is IN, like high low skirts and tribal print clothes. Style is something you wear on you OWN, something you put together that no one would ever think of wearing, but then it usually BECOMES fashion. HECK, maybe one day in the future, meat dresses and outfits will become the latest fashion, but like everything else, it was first someones STYLE! 
                                                                                    THIS is style

            so is THIS


                        so is THIS